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Materials for Direct Restorations

Posted on 2/6/2023 by Ankur Johri
Materials for Direct RestorationsOur practice classifies materials for direct restoration intro three categories. These categories include dental amalgam, resin composite and glass ionomer. Direct restoration procedures are simple in nature. The restoration does not require any laboratory preparation. Within one visit to our offices, the material for direct restoration is positioned on your tooth structure and the procedure is done.

Dental Amalgam

Dental amalgam is a safe and highly effective material for direct restorations. Our dentists have been using dental amalgam for several years and it has proven to be long-lasting and durable. Dental amalgam is commonly used for posterior teeth which are used for chewing hard food. Moreover, amalgam is not aesthetically pleasing making it less preferred for restoring anterior teeth.

We are however moving away from frequent use of dental amalgam since amalgam contains mercury which is harmful to your health when consumed and using it as a restorative material increases its chances of consumption.

Resins Composites

Resin composites are used as an alternative to dental amalgam due to their aesthetic nature. However, resin composites have a lot of disadvantages including their high cost. Resin composites are significantly costly compared to dental amalgam. In addition, resin composites lack strength and durability.

Glass Ionomer

Glass ionomers are commonly used as cavity liners or cement. This material has evolved over time becoming better with the years. Our experts inform that glass ionomer contains a fluoride recharging component which is beneficial to your teeth. However, we cannot say with confidence whether the material protects you against tooth decay. Glass ionomers are also weaker and more susceptible to wear compared to resin composites and dental amalgam. Reach out to us for more information direct restoration materials and advice on which material is the most suitable for you.
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