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Best Drinks for Toddlers To Prevent Tooth Decay

Posted on 4/10/2023 by Ankur Johri
Best Drinks for Toddlers To Prevent Tooth DecayWater ranks first when it comes to beverages that are good for teeth. It contains no sugars or starches, so the bacteria in the mouth have nothing to feed on. It is similar to a bath for your child's pearly whites because it removes food particles and plaque. Additionally, drinking water stimulates saliva production, which aids the teeth-strengthening remineralization process. Water is a superhero for oral health! Whenever you give a child a sippy cup or water bottle that they drink, ensure that it is filled with pure H2O.


Milk is another beverage that is beneficial for tooth enamel. It is loaded with calcium, vitamin D, and phosphorus, nutrients that improve the health of teeth, gums, and supporting bones. Milk reduces acid levels, making it an ideal beverage for children after consuming sugary foods helping in neutralizing acid attacks. The combination of phosphorus and calcium promotes remineralization, strengthening teeth, and replacing lost minerals. As if these benefits were not enough to persuade you that milk is one of the finest beverages for teeth, the casein proteins in milk build a protective coating on teeth that can repel some bacterial acids. Since milk includes natural sugars, it is better to consume milk during a meal. Furthermore, consuming two glasses of milk daily and regular brushing and flossing can improve oral hygiene.

Milk substitutes that are not sweetened

If your child does not drink milk, non-sweetened milk alternatives with extra calcium will keep their teeth strong and give them the same benefits as cow's milk. Again, make sure the substitute is available at meals.

Green Tea without Sugar

The unsweetened green tea making a list may come as a surprise to you. Green tea provides a variety of health advantages over its relative, black tea. According to studies, the antioxidants and flavonoids in unsweetened green tea reduce salivary acidity, ease gum inflammation, and guard against tooth decay. As long as it is a caffeine-free version, youngsters can regularly drink unsweetened green tea! Contact us for additional information on recommended drinks for toddlers by our experienced dentists.
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