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Cannabis Oral health effects

Posted on 5/22/2023 by Ankur Johri
Cannabis Oral health effectsStudies show that medical marijuana is good for those with health issues. The positive effects it has on health are more and can do great wonders to the health of individuals with health issues on the other hand if used wrong marijuana can cause adverse drawbacks to health including mental health.

Cotton mouth

Having a dry mouth is one of the major affects you can get from using marijuana. The using methods doesn't matter if you smoke it, vape, drink, or whatever way you consume it. Cannabis affects the neurological receptors in the body and they bind and stop sending the salivary gland the command to produce enough saliva for the mouth. A dry mouth causes tooth decay, bacteria, and yeast infections. If you are using marijuana for medicinal use, ensure that you consume a lot of water and suck on sugar-free candies for it will help mitigate the effects of dry mouth after marijuana use.

Smoking and vaping

If you inhale marijuana smoke it irritates your gums and this can lead to thrush or yeast infections. Ensure that you observe your oral health by brushing and flossing regularly to lessen the effects. Vaping will dry your mouth and increase the level of dryness in the already dry mouth. Ensure that you consume lots of water after vaping or inhaling marijuana smoke.

Edibles and Candies

The candies and edibles like cookies that are infused with marijuana cause oral damage for they have sugars. The sugar clings to the mouth and it brings about bacterial growth and this causes plaque formation and tooth decay. Use sugar-free candies and edibles and use a glass of water to neutralize the effects until it's possible to brush and floss. If you are using marijuana for medicinal purposes, be honest to our dentists so that they devise the best treatment plan for you
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