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Should I Get Sedation For Oral Surgery?

Posted on 5/8/2023 by Ankur Johri
 Should I Get Sedation For Oral Surgery?Oral surgery is a catch-all term for many different procedures dental patients undergo each day. For some of those dental surgeries, such as a tooth extraction, you may be able to undergo the extraction with local anesthesia. However, there are some times when you need sedation.

When Do I Need Sedation?

Every person is different in their body shape, size, and levels of pain tolerance. No one else is quite like you, and that includes pain tolerance as well. Before you have a dental procedure, it's time to talk with your dentist about the types of sedation available for you to use. Below are some of the times sedation may be helpful if you are planning oral surgery.

Fear of Dental Procedures

If you are one of the over ? of all American adults who have a fear of visiting the dentist, you may want to ask for light sedation, such as oral sedation. Oral sedation means the dentist would give you a light sedative as medication just to relax you. The dentist might ask you to take a pill as soon as you get to the appointment, or you may take the oral sedation an hour before your appointment. Best of all, oral sedation doesn't usually affect your ability to drive or work after your appointment.

Dentist Recommendations

After years of treating your teeth, the dentist should know you well. If they recommend that you have sedation, you need to heed the advice. If this happens, ask the dentist what they would recommend. In addition to oral sedation, you can opt for IV sedation, nitrous oxide, or general anesthesia. Talk with the dentist to decide what's right for you as well as for the procedure.

Low Pain Tolerance

Some people opt for sedation during oral surgery because they don't feel they handle pain well during a surgical procedure. If you are worried about pain during and after surgery, discuss your concerns with a dental practitioner.
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