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Why Do Dentures Stop Fitting?

Posted on 6/5/2023 by Ankur Johri
Why Do Dentures Stop Fitting?When missing teeth need to be replaced, dentures are a standard solution. They are made to fit snugly in the mouth, so you may quickly eat, talk, and smile. Yet dentures may lose their fit and comfort over time, leading to many problems

Several Things May Make Dentures Loose

The loss of jawbone is a typical cause of dentures that no longer fit well. Dentures might lose their snug fit and even fall out if the jawbone changes form after teeth are lost. Dentures that slide or rub the gums are a common source of pain and irritation for those who wear them. Alterations to one's weight or face shape may also cause dentures to become loose.

Denture fit might be affected by changes to the face caused by rapid weight gain or decrease. Dentures may sometimes loosen or become unpleasant because of age-related or other changes to the mouth.

Dentures may lose their shape over time due to wear and strain. Dentures may get worn and lose their form due to continual rubbing against gums and jawbone. This may lead to an unpleasant fit. Last but not least, improper care for dentures may potentially negatively impact their fit.

Dentures may lose their fit and functionality if they are not properly cleaned and cared for, resulting in discoloration, warping, and destruction. Loss of jawbone density, changes in body composition or facial features, regular use, and neglect may all cause dentures to become loose and uncomfortable.

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