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What Can I Expect at My Maxillofacial Appointment

Posted on 6/19/2023 by Ankur Johri
What Can I Expect at My Maxillofacial AppointmentOral and maxillofacial surgery entails treating injuries, curing oral conditions, and fixing problems with the mouth, jaws, teeth, or face. These procedures help to remove impacted teeth, dental implant insertion, pain management, and, most importantly, function recovery. The operation is carried out by a skilled dental surgeon who is well-trained in oral health problems.

What To Expect Before Maxillofacial Surgery

Your dentist will refer you to a specialist for any maxillofacial surgery. The surgeon will ask you questions about your medical history and if you have any current problems. If necessary, the specialist will examine your mouth and do additional testing, including dental X-rays. They will then offer the best course of treatment or surgery after making a diagnosis.

What To Expect During Maxillofacial Surgery

The type of maxillofacial surgery performed on the patient and the treatment offered to depend on how serious the condition is. While some patients will undergo surgery and go home the same day, other therapy modalities may call for numerous surgeries to give the desired results.

The surgeon will provide the patient with an anesthetic to manage pain during the procedure. After the process, the surgeon will seal the incisions by stitching the surgical site. They will also put packing in your mouth to protect your teeth or any exposed wounds. The packing helps to absorb body fluids like pus and blood.

What To Expect After Maxillofacial Surgery

Once the process is through, the medical staff will move you from the operating theatre to the recovery room, where you will wake up. When the anesthetic wears off, and you wake up, you may experience aches and pains. In addition, you can notice some swelling, bruising, bleeding, and difficulty moving your jaws. You will receive a briefing from the surgical team on how the procedure went, when you can go home, and how to take care of yourself while healing.
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