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Are There Reasons to Fear Bony Growths in The Mouth?

Posted on 11/30/2018 by Ankur Johri
Are There Reasons to Fear Bony Growths in The Mouth?Have you noticed a strange bony growth in your mouth? These growths, called tori or exostosis, are bilateral bone growths that are usually benign. They can form as lumps on the top of your mouth, on the palate, or along the jaw by the teeth.

Some people have tori but don't realize it because they're so small they don't cause any issues. Others may have seen these bony growths but aren't worried about them. Are they correct, or is there any reason to fear tori?

They're Generally Benign
In most cases, there's absolutely no reason to be bothered by tori. About 40 percent of people have some form of tori, and they rarely cause any problems. Generally, they appear on both sides, hence the term “bilateral.” If you have a growth that has appeared on just one side of your mouth, you'll need to come in and see us as soon as you can. There are very few cases of dangerous lesions or other problems that grow on both sides of the mouth at once.

While they're benign, tori can lead to some complications if you need to wear a dental appliance. If the tori are on the larger side, it may make it difficult to wear the appliance correctly. You may not be able to wear dentures or the mouth guard needed for obstructed sleep apnea. In some cases, the appliance can be modified. However, with dentures, it can be almost impossible to wear them if you have large bony growths in the way.

Removing Bone Growths

Fortunately, these bony growths can be removed. We can surgically go in and cut them out. These growths do not return once removed, and the procedure is very simple. If you're bothered by these growths, especially if they're fairly large, call today to schedule a consultation with us.
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