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Top 3 Reasons to Come See Us After an Auto Accident

Posted on 12/20/2018 by Ankur Johri
Top 3 Reasons to Come See Us After an Auto AccidentIf you're in a car accident, there are a number of professionals, you probably know to call or visit: the police, emergency medical services, your insurance company, your primary care physician, and your lawyer are all probably on that list.

But you probably don't think to give us a call to schedule an appointment. Few people think about having their teeth checked after an accident, but here are three very good reasons why you need to.

The Accident May Have Fractured Teeth

If anything hits your face, it could have fractured your teeth. Your head may have hit the side of your car, or you could have smashed into your airbag. There are a number of different ways your teeth could have been injured in a car accident. If these fractures are bad enough, they may expose the dentin or even the pulp of your tooth to air. That makes it much easier for the tooth to become infected, plus it can cause pain when eating, drinking, or even breathing.

Your Jaw Could Be Damaged

You may not realize it right away, but a car accident can damage your jaw. The medical experts on the scene and even your own doctor may not diagnose problems with your jaw joint right away because you don't realize anything is wrong. Over time, though, the problem could be worse. We know what to look for so we can determine if there's any problem with the joint.

You Lost a Tooth

You may have a tooth or multiple teeth knocked out if you were in a really severe auto accident. In that case, you need to see us as soon as you possibly can. While emergency services may help stop the bleeding, you need to see us soon so we can determine if there's any other damage they weren't able to see right away. Often, other teeth have been affected in addition to the ones that were knocked out. You'll also need to talk to us about replacing the teeth you lost.
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