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What Is Distraction Osteogenesis?

Posted on 3/30/2019 by Ankur Johri
What Is Distraction Osteogenesis?Distraction osteogenesis is a fairly new process. It is used in many different types of medical procedures, it is not just an oral surgery. In distraction osteogenesis, two boney areas are pulled apart slowly. A gap is created, and new bone will then grow in the gap and fill it. Distraction osteogenesis has a high success rate, and the risk of infection is low.


In dentistry, distraction osteogenesis is used to repair problems and deformities with the facial skeleton. It has been practiced only since the early 1990s. Distraction osteogenesis has replaced bone grafts of the jaw in some instances.

There will be some pain associated with most surgeries, but the pain that a patient will experience with distraction osteogenesis is relatively low. Since we use a general anesthesia during the surgery, you will not experience any pain during the procedure. All the work will be done inside your mouth, so you should not have any scars after you have healed.

Your recovery will be similar to the recovery from most other oral surgeries. We will give you a prescription so that you will be able to manage the pain. Make sure that you follow the package directions and do not overmedicate. You will want to eat soft, non-acidic foods while you heal.

One thing that you need to know about distraction osteogenesis is that it will require several trips back to our office, especially during the first two weeks. That is because we want to keep a close watch on the progress and make sure that you are healing properly.

Distraction osteogenesis may be new, but it has already helped countless people. Those who suffer from a facial deformity, or who have had an injury that did not heal properly are receiving a new lease on life. We would love to talk to you about distraction osteogenesis.

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