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If You Have Ringing In Your Ears, We May Have Solutions to Help

Posted on 4/25/2019 by Ankur Johri
If You Have Ringing In Your Ears, We May Have Solutions to HelpSome people may think of the ringing they hear in their ears as a minor distraction. They may not notice it most of the time and figure that it is not a big deal.

There are other people who struggle with a ringing in their ears that affects their ability to sleep, work and function in everyday life. Many people fall somewhere in between these two extremes when it comes to ringing in the ears. The good news is there is something people can do about it.

What is It?
The ringing that people hear in their ears is the result of something happening in the middle ears and the eardrums. The pitch and the volume of the sound can vary from one person to the next and can vary within the person that suffers from it. The medical term for ringing in the ears is tinnitus.

There are many different causes for tinnitus. Trauma and exposure to loud sounds for extended periods of time are two of the causes. Another common reason for the ringing in the ears is Temporomandibular joint disorders. This is a condition that affects the joint where the haw connects to the skull. When something is wrong with the joint, ringing can happen.

Treating the Ringing In You Ear

If TMJ is the reason behind the ringing, there are several treatment options available. TMJ is often related to problems with the teeth, gums and jaw. Clearing these issues could resolve the TMJ. It is also possible that a person suffers from bruxism or teeth grinding that leads to the TMJ.

One of the best ways for us to treat TMJ is through an oral appliance. These custom fit mouthguards can help prevent any problems with bruxism and can help prevent other problems that affect the TMJ.
The key is not to accept the ringing in your ears as something you have to live with. It is better to search for the cause of the ringing to figure out the best way to treat it.

For more information about this or any other oral health issue, contact our office to schedule an appointment.
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