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Who Benefits Most from Sinus Implant Procedures?

Posted on 7/13/2019 by Ankur Johri
Who Benefits Most from Sinus Implant Procedures?A procedure that can provide more help with dental implants and opening the sinus cavities, as well as keeping them open is known as a sinus implant procedure.

Dental patients that want to have these implants put in but may not be able to have them without the use of this procedure because the implant would perforate the sinus cavity can benefit from the use of this procedure.

Learning more about the sinus implant procedure is essential to find out if this is something that you need to have done before implants can be put in. We can recommend the procedure if we find that the sinus cavities are not opened or too close to the area.

Examples of Those That Benefit from a Sinus Implant Procedure

Some of the patients that can benefit from a sinus implant procedure undergo the procedure to ensure that they can breathe and that nothing is harmed if they are having an implant.

Those that have smaller nasal passages and require the use of an implant would undergo this procedure. In addition to these patients, those that may not have a lot of bone in the area to place the implant in would also need to use this procedure to help open and keep open the sinus cavities.

During the procedure, the sinuses are opened up and a spring device is placed in the cavity to ensure that the sinus is propped open and that it stays open. This is important when it comes to having an implant put in but making sure it doesn't block the nasal passageway.

It is important that you speak with our office to find out more about the implant procedure, the sinus procedure and more that is required. Every patient is different, and we can recommend the best treatment plan based on the specific patient and their specific issues they're faced with.

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