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How to Tell if You Need Oral Surgery

Posted on 9/15/2019 by Ankur Johri
How to Tell if You Need Oral SurgeryMost people come to visit our office for one of a few reasons. They come in for annual checkups and regular cleaning. They also come into our office when something is wrong with their teeth or gums. People worry that the pain they feel or the symptoms they suffer could mean something really bad.

That fear could keep them from getting the help they need. While the idea of oral surgery is not always pleasant, it is something that can help resolve problems before they get worse. These are some of the things that could mean you need oral surgery.

Many Types of Oral Surgery

There are many different types of oral surgery. Many people hear the term surgery and are afraid that it means something very serious. There are many types of oral surgery that are relatively minor and are performed in our offices.

The most common type of oral surgery is root canal therapy. Other types include extractions, dental implants and treatment for sleep apnea. Because of the wide variety of reasons for oral surgery, the way to tell if you need oral surgery will vary.

Signs of a Problem
The one thing that all oral surgical procedures have in common is that they can fix an issue you have with your oral health. If you have an impacted wisdom tooth or an infected tooth, the symptoms include pain and swelling at the site of the infection. If you need an extraction the signs can include broken, chipped or fractured teeth or pain around the site of the problem.

The biggest problem is that many of the problems that you may think require oral surgery, have other possible treatments. The best thing you can do is not assume that the problems you have with your oral health require oral surgery. Instead, you should come in for an examination to determine the best course of action.

For more information about this or any other oral health issue, contact our office to schedule an appointment.
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