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How Your Oral Health Can Benefit from Getting a Bone Graft

Posted on 10/15/2019 by Ankur Johri
How Your Oral Health Can Benefit from Getting a Bone GraftOne of the reasons as to why teeth are so important is how they are invaluable in keeping the jaw strong and healthy. In case teeth are missing, you will often find that the resulting area becomes atrophied, weak or even diseased over time.

In fact, we have seen that following a successful tooth extraction, the patient loses 40-60 percent of the bone volume in the first three years. And then another 0.5 percent every year after that. This deformity usually brings about further complications resulting in muscle dysfunction, speech problems, soft-tissue pain and even impaired chewing. To solve this, a bone graft is the most obvious solution.

Why A Bone Graft Is Essential To Oral Health

The jawbone is essentially the foundation on which most of the teeth stand on. Without it being healthy, rectifying some dental problems such as fixing implants become impossible. To solve the problem of a damaged jawbone, a bone graft is essential. You might need a bone graft if you have a significant amount of bone loss from prior tooth loss, a congenital birth condition, advanced gum disease or when you don't have sufficient bone density and proper thickness.

Bone grafts are also crucial in instances where the patient requires a dental implant. Although the implants can be placed on the gums, they need a proper foundation should they look natural and stay strong for years to cum. The graft will allow for new bone to grow therefore allowing fusion.

In instances where the jawbone has been significantly eroded, you will find that the patient can be experiencing a wide range of negative blowback. Once the bone graft has been done, you will see a significant change in various aspects of the patient's life.

In instances where the person had trouble chewing, as the bone gets stronger, the problem will recede slowly and disappear entirely. In instances where TMJ is prevalent, the bone graft will do a lot in soft tissue regeneration which will relieve the pain and make the patient's quality of life that much better.
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