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Types of Oral Appliances That Protect Teeth from Grinding

Posted on 1/25/2020 by Ankur Johri
Types of Oral Appliances That Protect Teeth from GrindingAlmost all of us have times when we grind our teeth either on purpose or accidently. Even some jaw clenching is common, but if you are constantly clenching and grinding your teeth throughout the night. It can start to cause major damage to your teeth. If you have been told you need a dental device to protect your teeth while you sleep, there are a few options.

Dental Sleeping Splints

The difference between a Splint and a mouth guard is a guard protect you. Splints holds your teeth from coming together and creating damage or dangerous movements. Dental Splints are used during a handful of procedures in our dental office. They are also a popular device that is recommended to help manage stress. If you have situations that are stressing you out, it can show itself when you are sleeping in the form of clenching and grinding your teeth. To help aid you in changing this habit, or even prevent you from clenching during a procedure. The splint is applied to keep the teeth in place and reduce the pressure on the jaw and the teeth. Most people with bruxism are recommended to sleep with a sleeping mouth guard.

Bruxism Mouth Guard

Just like a splint, your mouth guard is best designed by a professional. You can't buy a splint over the counter, but you can buy mouth guards. There are three types of mouth guards. Two over the counter. The cheapest yet, usually most uncomfortable are the simple rubber you slide in and keep your upper and lower teeth from coming in contact. The popular style for its price and somewhat more comfortable.

Is the “bite and mold” type. A soft plastic or acrylic is heated in boiling water and as it starts to cool it harden. You simply bite to create the impression of your teeth. By visiting our practice, we can help design a custom mouth guard that is made with thinner material than the over the counter ones. This makes them much more comfortable to wear as well as last much longer. Some materials, even come with as long as a 5 year warranty.

If you want a durable mouth guard that will provide the most comfort when wearing. Allow us to take a mold of your teeth to have one designed. Some insurance plans even cover them or a portion. Contact us today to learn more.
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