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Do TMJ Disorders Impact Your Memory?

Posted on 3/15/2020 by Ankur Johri
Do TMJ Disorders Impact Your Memory?When people think about the effects that oral problems or specific dental conditions have on them, they usually tend to focus on the physical aspects such as difficulty chewing and eating, painful sensations while drinking or even just breathing, and the domino effects it can have in the form of contributing to neck pain or headaches.

But another complication of these issues, particularly TMJ, is the fact that it can also greatly impact things like memory and other brain functions as well.

Chronic Pain Has Numerous Neurological Effects

When someone is in continual severe pain it can affect every other system of the body after a certain amount of time. One of the earliest victims of this process is the brain, as it is the one that constantly has to dedicate energy to the nerves and sensor warnings it has to keep sending the body, as well as trying to repair the problem. Numerous studies have shown this has a direct effect on the ability to concentrate and convert experiences to memory.

TMJ Sufferers Use Different Parts of Their Brains to Accomplish Tasks

Something else these studies uncovered was the fact that people who suffer from TMJ tend to use different areas of their brains to perform tasks and functions that people without this condition use. They were also found to score lower on cognitive tests, have difficulty concentrating for extended periods, and were more likely to struggle with a number of mental or emotional issues such as anxiety and depression.

The fact is that TMJ has a much greater impact on a person's life than just a little tooth or jaw pain. It can have serious repercussions when left untreated, including the development of mental and emotional difficulties. To learn more about how to better deal with this condition, get in touch with our offices as soon as you can.
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