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Reasons Why Dental Implants Get Rejected By the Body

Posted on 4/15/2020 by Ankur Johri
Reasons Why Dental Implants Get Rejected By the Body As the quality of dental implants continue to improve and the availability of them becomes more widespread and accessible due to lower prices and simpler procedures, people everywhere are starting to take a much harder look at them as a viable option for tooth replacement. In fact, it is estimated that traditional dentures may be a thing of the past in as little as two decades. But one thing which isn't often discussed when we hear the many success stories is how that dental implants are like any other device which can actually be rejected by the body, creating complications to the success of the procedure. Here are a couple of common causes for this:

Bacterial Infection

If you were dealing with an infection prior to the procedure, or even if there was just bacteria present that attached themselves to the implant after surgery, the fact is that they could then travel to each individual tooth, spreading and adding to or creating a new infection.

Lack of Bone Quality or Stability

This is something that our oral health professionals would make absolutely sure was not a concern prior to performing the procedure, but if you have already had dental implants and had or are currently experiencing a failure, this very well could be one of the reasons why. There may be options to correct the issue, however, such as a dental graft. So if you want to look further into the possibility of receiving dental implants, or if you have already had the procedure performed but are not happy with the results and perhaps are concerned that they may be failing, get in contact with our staff immediately. Our office will be glad to get you in and have a look taken by one of our dental health experts.
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