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Procedures That Can Happen During Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Posted on 6/8/2020 by Ankur Johri
Procedures That Can Happen During Periodontal Plastic SurgeryOften, periodontists are seen as the plastic surgeons in the world of dentistry. They are trained to correct or prevent anatomical, traumatic, developmental or even plaque based defects of the gums, alveolar mucosa and jaw bone. For this reason, we see that periodontists are the people to see when you want a better smile than the one you currently have. Here are some of the procedures that can be done during periodontal plastic surgery.

Correcting Uneven Gum Line

Sometimes, as we grow, our gums do not grow the way we want. Some areas grow well while others experience stagnation. In the end, it results in an uneven gum line that can be too gummy. The opposite might also be true; your gums might grow too much and cover a side of the teeth while leaving others exposed. If you want to control this sort of situation, then a periodontist might be the right individual for the job. In such a case, the excess gum tissue is eliminated and the gum line sculpted to give the patient that beautiful smile they have always wanted.

Correcting Long Teeth and Exposed Roots

Sometimes due to gum recession, the hidden parts of the tooth become exposed. As such, the teeth appear long and consequently make you older than you are. Apart from that, the exposed roots can cause a variety of problems if not handled quickly and swiftly. Here, the periodontist has the option of choosing various gum grafting surgeries and also root covering procedures to give the patient their youthful smile back.

Correcting Jawbone Indentations

Often, tooth loss causes some indentation of the jawbone and gums where the former tooth used to be. This is so because areas that formerly held teeth often recede once the teeth are unavailable. A periodontist can be able to perform a bone grafting procedure which can then allow them to place implants and give you back your beautiful smile.

Basically Periodontal Plastic Surgery is capable of correcting all minor and major issues associated with the mouth. If you want to get a new, better smile or simply want to revive the old one, book an appointment with us today and you'll never regret it.
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