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If You Chew Gum, Are You Guaranteed to Have Jaw Pain?

Posted on 7/23/2020 by Ankur Johri
If You Chew Gum, Are You Guaranteed to Have Jaw Pain?This might seem like an easy question to answer, but in all actuality, it really isn't. Just as with many other dental health and wellness issues, it really comes down to a number of variables in each individual circumstance. Gum chewing is a very popular habit, with over 370 billion pieces being chewed per year. That is a lot of chomping and chewing. And with all that overtime that your jaw muscles may be putting it, the real question is does it have an adverse effect, up to and including actually causing pain. We wanted to look a little bit deeper into this issue for the sake of our readers and patients, as some of them are no doubt regular chewers themselves:

Regular vs. Habitual Chewing

One of the factors to consider is exactly how much and how often the individual chews gum. If they just pop in a piece to freshen up their breath and brighten their smile after meals or while participating in exercise and other physical activity, it probably won't be a cause for concern. If they chew piece after piece as a way to avoid smoking or snacking, it could possibly lead to jaw pain at some point.

Condition and Stability of Teeth

This is something else to consider as the strength of the teeth themselves could be a factor. If they are slightly loose and sometimes possibly even shift, then chewing gum may put strain on them and move them slightly, and that can most assuredly bring on pain in and around the jaw area.

To find out more about whether your jaw pain might be coming from gum chewing or some other cause, simply give our clinic office a call and speak with one of our helpful dental professionals. They are always glad to assist you with anything that you may need.
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