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Is It a Problem if Your Jaw Starts To Click?

Posted on 1/11/2021 by Ankur Johri
Is It a Problem if Your Jaw Starts To Click?If your jaw starts to click when you eat or yawn, you should consider visiting our professional to establish the reason. Most jaw clicks are painful and could indicate a serious underlying health problem. Among the reasons why your jaw is clicking include underlying illnesses or disorders, myofascial syndromes, and jaw dislocation and injury.

Illnesses and Disorders

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) is the most common cause of jaw clicking. This disorder occurs when the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) has a problem. Teeth clenching due to stress, sleep apnea, and arthritis are some of the triggers of TMD. Teeth clenching causes pressure to the TMJ, causing TMD in the long run. If you are a tooth grinder or chew gum often, you might tighten your facial muscles, triggering TMD. In individuals with sleep apnea, the jaw usually clamps down to prevent the blockage of the airway. This exerts excessive stress on the jaw and neck area, triggering TMJ. Arthritis, on the other hand, can cause jaw clicking and TMD if it affects your TMJ.

Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) is a pain disorder that causes pain in specific muscle points. Repetitive muscle contraction or pressure triggers MPS, making the disorder common among sporting individuals and people who engage in jobs requiring repetitive muscle movements. MPS in the jaw will cause pain and clicking affecting your physical activities and sleep quality.

Jaw Dislocation and Injury

Jaw dislocation occurs when your jawbone moves out of place. Facial injuries due to sports, accidents, physical trauma to the face, and dental procedures are the leading causes of jaw dislocation. Dislocated and broken jaws can cause TMD symptoms, causing your jaw to click. However, if you seek our professional treatment for the above causes of jaw clicking, you will save yourself the worry and discomfort. Contact us today for more information on jaw clicking.
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