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Lengthening Your Crowns Can Boost the Beauty of Your Smile

Posted on 5/10/2021 by Weo Admin
Lengthening Your Crowns Can Boost the Beauty of Your SmileCrown lengthening is also known as a gum lift. It can be done to improve gum tissue health. The procedure can also be done in preparation for other cosmetic surgeries or procedures. There can be many reasons that a crown lengthening procedure can be beneficial, but some want it simply because it boosts the beauty of the smile by increasing the exposure of natural teeth rather than the gums.

What is a Crown Lengthening Procedure?

A gum lift, or crown lengthening procedure exposes the natural teeth by recontouring the bone and gum tissue in the mouth. If you experience a gummy smile, or your teeth look or feel too small, this may be the perfect procedure for you. Typically, this technique is used to improve oral health, but has more recently been identified as a procedure that improves the smile cosmetically.

Reasons to Get a Gum Lift

Though you may not need a reason to get a gum lift other than you want to boost your smile, there are other reasons a gum lift can benefit you in terms of oral health. Crown lengthening can be a step in the restoration of damaged teeth. Damaged teeth can include gum disease, tooth decay, and trauma to the teeth. If you're needing dental crowns, the crown lengthening process will allow more space for the dental crown. Cosmetically, the crown lengthening technique can remove excessive gum tissue which can improve how your smile looks, but can also make you less vulnerable to periodontal disease and infections.

Boosting the beauty of your smile is a great booster for self-confidence and happiness, but crown lengthening can also boost the health of your teeth and mouth. If you have any questions about this technique or want to schedule an appointment, please give our office a call and we will be happy to help.
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