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Most Common Types of Oral Cancer Surgeries

Posted on 8/23/2021 by Ankur Johri
Most Common Types of Oral Cancer SurgeriesYou have been diagnosed with oral cancer. Now what? The following information give you a better idea about oral cancer procedures and when they are performed.

Oral Cancer Locations and Phases

When you receive an oral cancer diagnosis, you will also be given the stage of the disease, which is indicated by a Roman Numeral, usually 1 through IV. A lower sate 1 cancer indicates the cancer is smaller and confined to a single area. A higher state cancer, such as IV, means the cancer is larger or has spread to other area, such as the neck or head, or another area of the body. These stages allow us to determine what type of treatment or surgery we'll recommend. Treatment for oral cancer also depend on a patient's overall health and personal preferences. For example, you may just undergo surgery or may need a combination of treatments, such as surgery and radiation or chemotherapy.

Removing a Cancerous Tumor

Surgery for mouth cancer may include tumor removal. During this procedure the tumor and a small amount of healthy tissue are removed to ensure complete removal of the cancer. A smaller tumor can be removed by minor surgery. If the tumor is large, the procedure may be more extensive, and include removing part of the tongue or jawbone.

Removing Cancer that Has Spread to the Neck and Reconstruction of the Mouth

If the cancer cells have spread to the lymph nodes in the neck, a neck dissection may be recommended. This process involves removing cancer cells that have invaded the lymph nodes This procedure also helps determine if a patient will need further surgical intervention. Some oral cancer patients undergo reconstructive surgery if teeth or tissue were removed, for instance, to get rid of the cancer. Reconstructive surgery helps a patient to regain their ability to talk or speak. We may transplant grafts to rebuild the bone or add dental implants when performing the surgery.

Oral cancer surgeries can affect a patient's appearance and how they talk or speak. Therefore, a subspecialty surgery, such as mouth restriction, may be advised as well. If you would like to arrange an oral cancer screening or discuss surgery options, give us a call now.

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