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Can Dentures Help Restore Your Speech?

Posted on 12/10/2021 by Ankur Johri
Can Dentures Help Restore Your Speech?Dentures are oral appliances used to replace missing teeth. They are placed on top of gums and act as teeth replacement. Dentures can be categorized into two, based on their functionalities: partial dentures (replace only a section of missing teeth) and traditional dentures (used to replace a full set of teeth). Therefore, whether you are missing one tooth or a set of teeth, getting dentures will help restore your smile.

However, apart from restoring your smile, dentures come with a wide range of other benefits. One of them is restoring your speech. Here is how dentures help restore your teeth.

Dentures and Improved Speech

If you have several teeth missing in your mouth, you could have difficulties pronouncing some words. This is because teeth play a crucial role in speaking. The tongue gets in touch with them to pronounce certain words. Without them, your speech will be punctuated with mispronounced words that make it hard for people to understand you.

When you wear dentures, your speech will be restored. They act like natural teeth; hence, better pronunciation of words. However, you need some time to get used to speaking with dentures. You might find it challenging speaking during the first few weeks, as your mouth adjusts to them. Luckily, they are several things you can do to improve your speech while wearing dentures. For instance, you can read out loud from your favorite novel to align your speech correctly. You can also have regular conversations with people you are comfortable with to sharpen your speech.

With time, it will be easy to speak with dentures. If you are going through any challenges in speaking with dentures, get in touch with us for further assistance. You should also let us know if you are having denture slippages that could affect your speech. Our professionals will put the dentures back in place and help you speak better. Get in touch with us for more information on how dentures improve speech.
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