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Here Are The Common Signs of Tooth Decay

Posted on 1/10/2022 by Ankur Johri
Here Are The Common Signs of Tooth DecayCavities are permanently damaged places present on the hard surface of your tooth. The damaged areas develop into tiny openings where bacteria can develop. Cavities slowly develop over time in a process known as tooth decay, which involves the softening of the enamel of a tooth as a consequence of bad oral hygiene and alimentation. We have compiled a few signs that may indicate that a tooth is undergoing decay.

Hot and Cold Sensitivity

During decay, our enamel starts to wear off, affecting the dentin. The dentin lies below the enamel and has numerous microscopic hollow tubes. A lack of a strong enamel to protect the dentin lets cold or hot foods and beverages stimulate the cells and nerves inside your tooth. As such, this sensitivity is an early sign of the development of a cavity


Long-lasting pain in a tooth could indicate that it is experiencing decay. The ache can occur abruptly every so often, or even when you eat something; feeling discomfort and pressure whenever you bite or chew. Such pain and discomfort around your tooth may indicate the presence of a cavity.

Tooth Stains

Having a stain on your tooth could be the first indication that you have a cavity. A stain appears in white spots and becomes darker as the decay progresses. Staining hailing from a cavity presents itself in a white, black, or brown color on the surface of your teeth.

A Hole In Your Tooth

When the white spots become prevalent, they form holes in your tooth. You can feel the hole as you run your tongue over your tooth or see it using a mirror. If you notice you have a hole in your tooth, we strongly recommend that you contact our professionals. Please visit our offices today and learn more about signs of tooth decay, and how we can save a tooth from a cavity.

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