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How To Prepare For Oral Surgery

Posted on 2/21/2022 by Ankur Johri
How To Prepare For Oral SurgeryYou have made the decision to receive oral surgery. Big applause! But there are some things you need to work out ahead of time in order to ensure the whole experience proceeds as smoothly as possible. Taking a few key steps can ensure that you have a quick and successful recovery. You may want to check out these frequently asked questions by patients preparing for oral surgery.

Can I drink or eat before an oral surgery?

You want to avoid eating or drinking anything the morning of your scheduled surgical procedure and at least 6 to 8 hours leading up to the surgery. Sometimes, you may be under medications. You will need to get approval from the oral surgeon ahead of time. If approved to take the medications, you will do so but with only a small sip of water. Fasting isn't fun for anyone, but the reward it offers when you are undergoing oral surgery is worth it.

How do I deal with pain after surgery?

No pain during the surgery is experienced because you are already sedated. However, later in the day, when you get home and the sedation wears off, there may be some discomfort. You can use ice packs on the face where you place them for about 10 or so seconds. The oral surgeon will provide instructions on how to use ice packs to manage pain and discomfort. The surgeon will also prescribe painkillers if need be.

Contact our oral and maxillofacial office today to learn more about the oral surgery procedures we perform and how you prepare for them. Each surgery is different, but there are common steps you should take to prepare for the procedures. The specifics of the pre-surgery preparation are discussed with the surgeon during the consultation. You also have the opportunity to ask any questions or present any concerns you have. Schedule your appointment today.

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