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Teeth extraction in the elderly

Posted on 8/8/2022 by Ankur Johri
Teeth extraction in the elderlyThe prominence of oral complications advances with age in older adults. They are at a higher risk of OMS treatment complications due to chronic and age-related disorders. Some chronic ailments in the elderly could also aggravate dental problems and interfere with easy healing after OMS procedures, for example, after a tooth extraction procedure. Mainly, pain necessitates tooth removal. This could result from decay or impact or when a tooth fails to emerge correctly, leading to infection to the nearby oral structure. OMS surgeons are extensively trained to manage tooth extraction procedures in elderly patients and enable them to improve their health and life quality.

Teeth extraction procedure

Oral health infections advance faster in the elderly and may necessitate extraction. If the wisdom teeth are impacted, you experience jaw stiffness, swelling, and bleeding, or you show signs of oral inflammation, a visit to the dentist could help determine the treatment best suited for you. If an infection moves to the nearby teeth, extraction may be recommended.

The procedure usually is a quick and easy dental procedure performed in-office. The surgeon needs to make incisions in the gums to reach the wisdom teeth, and especially for older adults, this might result in trauma in the gums and bones and require a longer time to heal before a prosthetic is considered. After tooth extraction, blood thinners are advised against as they make it more challenging to form clots on the operated area.

Post-operation complications are also higher in older adults due to their failing immune systems. Complications of tooth extraction in the elderly include dry sockets that may contain pus, bacterial infections, and damaged nerves, bone, tissue, and sinuses. Adults could minimize these complications by ensuring good oral care, proper dieting, avoiding detrimental lifestyle habits, and visiting the dentist regularly to catch and diagnose emerging complications early. When left unattended, oral bacterial infections could travel to the bloodstream and lead to the development of other systemic general health disorders.
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