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Do Extra Teeth Need to be removed?

Posted on 9/5/2022 by Ankur Johri
Do Extra Teeth Need to be removed?The standard dental formula consists of thirty-two teeth in an adult, but for some, there may be the development of more teeth. Extra teeth are those that develop in addition to the typical dental structure.

Also known as Hyperdontia, this condition expresses itself by one or more extra teeth to those already existing. Furthermore, it's a dental condition that can cause problems in oral health and the surrounding systems.

Why does Hyperdontia Develop?

Although its causes are unknown, experts have some reasons behind its development. The hyperactivity of the dental lamina is one of the main reasons. Furthermore, this occurs when the tooth germ is disrupted, promoting an uneven development of the dental lamina.

Being disrupted by the mismatch of the tooth germ, a dental duplication can occur, forming an extra tooth. Also, a hereditary factor is another reason. Many patients with extra teeth have a history of occurrence from their families.

How to know if Extra Teeth have developed

Most patients with Hyperdontia do not know they have it. Extra teeth do not usually erupt, so there are no symptoms. However, on other occasions, Hyperdontia does develop, leading to dental crowding.

Extra teeth are primarily located on the mouth's roof as duplicate premolars or between the maxillary molars. Additionally, this causes the biting system to be out of adjustments, and dentists must propose appropriate treatments to end its effects.

Treatment against Extra Teeth

When experts diagnose this condition, the most commonly used treatment to end it is usually tooth extraction. Removal of the extra teeth contributes to oral health and comforts the patient during chewing foods.

In conclusion, Professional maxillofacial surgeons should carry out the extraction of the extra teeth. Still, if the condition results in misalignment of the teeth, orthodontic treatment is necessary.

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