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What To Expect During an Oral Maxillofacial Surgery?

Posted on 9/19/2022 by Ankur Johri
What To Expect During an Oral Maxillofacial Surgery?Oral and maxillofacial surgery is used to cure oral disorders, treat injuries, and correct flaws in the mouth, jaws, teeth, or face. These treatments aid in the removal of impacted teeth, the placement of dental implants, reducing pain, and most significantly, the restoration of function. A trained dental surgeon who is highly knowledgeable about oral issues performs the procedure.

What To Expect Before Maxillofacial Surgery

If you want to undergo any maxillofacial surgery, your dentist will direct you to a specialist. The surgeon will consult with you and enquire about your medical background and current problems. The specialist will inspect your mouth cavity and, if necessary, do various tests, including dental X-rays. They will then make a diagnosis and suggest the best treatment or surgery.

What To Expect During Maxillofacial Surgery

The maxillofacial surgery type to be conducted on the patient and the treatment that will be used depends on the severity of the ailment. While some patients will have surgery and leave the hospital the same day, other therapeutic approaches may require multiple surgeries to achieve the desired outcome.

The surgeon will administer anesthesia to the patient to control pain throughout the procedure. After the process, the surgeon will stitch the operation site to close the incisions. Additionally, they will place packing in your mouth to safeguard your teeth or open wounds. Packing is excellent for absorbing bodily fluids like pus and blood.

What To Expect After Maxillofacial Surgery

Following the procedure, the medical staff will transfer you from the surgery room to the recovery room, where you will awaken. You can feel aches and pains when you first wake up when the anesthetic wears off. Additionally, you can encounter reduced tooth use, bruising, swelling, bleeding, and trouble moving your jaws. The surgical team will brief you on how the procedure was when you could return home, and how to take care of yourself while recovering.
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