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Trefoil™: Dental Implant Solution for the Lower Jaw

Diagram of the Trefoil Concept Dental Implant treatment to replace lower teeth from Lehigh Oral and Maxillofacial SurgeryThe Trefoil™ Concept is the newest and most affordable proven full arch tooth replacement option for the lower jaw available today.

What Is Trefoil™?

Trefoil™ is a full-arch, tooth replacement system for the lower jaw (mandible) that is supported by three dental implants. Trefoil™ incorporates a pre-manufactured titanium framework that fits the mandible and is supported by only three dental implants.

How Trefoil™ Works

What makes the Trefoil™ system unique is that it allows your Oral Surgeon and your Dentist to fabricate a final fixed dental prosthesis that is directly attached via screws to the prefabricated titanium framework which is supported by three dental implants.

Since the titanium framework is prefabricated, the amount of labwork is minimized keeping your costs down. Furthermore, the titanium bar is directly fixated to the implants eliminating the need for any abutments - again keeping your treatment costs down.

The biggest benefit of Trefoil™ is that in the majority of cases the patient can have teeth attached to the titanium bar in 24-48 hours post surgery - keeping your downtime to a minimum. Rarely, if at the time of surgery your bone is very soft or deficient, then your Doctor may let your implants heal for 3 months prior to attaching your teeth to the dental implants.

Is Trefoil™ Right For Me?

Trefoil™ is only designed for the lower jaw (mandible). Since the Trefoil™ bar is prefabricated, your Doctor will obtain a 3D CBCT to view the anatomy of the lower jaw to see if you are a candidate for the Trefoil™ system.

The Trefoil™ system is an attractive option for patients who desire fixed teeth in the lower jaw but cannot afford a traditional All-on-4 implant solution. The Trefoil™ system is about 2/3 of the cost of a traditional All-on-4 fixed implant solution.
Your Doctor will discuss with you at the consult appointment if you are a good surgical candidate based on your Health history and CT imaging.

Fewer Implants Means Fast Recovery

When considering any permanent prosthesis, recovery time is always an important factor. One of the biggest benefits of the Trefoil™ system is recovery time. Since Trefoil™ only uses three dental implants, the surgery is shorter and recovery time is faster.

We look forward to giving you a smile that you deserve! Please call us today at (610) 435-6161 to learn more.
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Trefoil Concept Dental Implants | Lehigh OMS - Hellertown and Allentown, PA
The Trefoil Concept is the newest and most affordable proven dental implant based full-arch tooth replacement option for the lower jaw available today. Click through for more information.
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